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Should my dog be left alone?

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Should my Dog be left alone?

leaving my dog alone.

Should my dog be left alone? You shouldn’t always leave your dog alone while you work because it’s too lengthy he must stay without stimulation. In addition, an adult dog needs to go outside to potty. Puppies, naturally, need to urinate more often. Some dogs can go longer than other Dogs without feeling unhappy.

In general, a dog over two years old shouldn’t be left alone more than four hours at a time. Puppies are more sensitive and shouldn’t be left alone as long as adult dogs. Once they are five months old, you can gradually work them up to be alone for four hours. How to treat your Dog If you have two dogs allow them free roam of the backyard or house.

How to Train Your Dog to Become More Comfortable with Being Alone.

You can train your dog to become more independent when you’re not home. The best time to start training your dog is when you bring him home for the first time. Practice leaving him alone for five minutes. Overtime increasing the amount of time you leave him alone and also be alert of his behavior.

Did he chew up something by the time you’ve returned? Did he defecate in the house? Could you hear your Dog being uncomfortable like barking when you’ve returned home from work? You won’t want to wait for him to increase this behavior.

Dog Crates

If your Dog is barking Please do not go into same the room as him this will Add to the behavior. Wait until he’s quiet then you may enter the room and praise him for a job well done. It might be tempting to give him a treat when you return to the room, but you won’t want him to know that being alone is normal.

Getting your Dog toys and treats

When purchasing your Dog’s treats you should consider his age. A new born puppy still have his baby teeth, toys with softer fabrics or soft rubber would be ideal for him. Like babies your dog could teeth depending on how old he is. When he stops teething your Dog’s Jaw will be strong enough for harder toys.

There are different types of toys to accompany your dog while you’re away. Below is my favorite chew toy for my Pet.


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