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Emu is a senior Chihuahua pooch who experienced nothing but difficulty in life. Emu looked so underweight, and his body had missing patches of fur.

Aside from not receiving any love, Emu’s owners heartlessly abandoned him at the vet and wanted him euthanized. Fortunately, Emu got into the right clinic because the veterinarians saw that the senior dog still had so much life left in his abused little body.

The doctors asked if Emu could join the Sidewalk Special’s Adoption Day ceremony instead of euthanizing him. Although the chances of having a foster parent looked slim for Emu, an angel took him in for temporary care.

When Emu got into his foster home, he was so nervous and easily frightened of his surroundings. However, Emu slowly realized that the people around him want nothing but for him to recover and be the best dog that he could be.

After spending a few weeks into his foster home, Emu slowly broke out of his little shell. Despite the pain and suffering that Emu went through, he blossomed into the sweet, friendly dog that he was always meant to be.

Emo savored all the attention he got from his foster family and showed how much he appreciates them by being a sweet little senior pup. While it is true that getting a sick old dog adopted is challenging, his temporary guardians did not give up.

When the Sidewalk Specials’ Adoption Day came, Emus foster family was doubtful he would get adopted. However, life surprised his adoptive family because someone took a chance of Emu.

Emu received Nutzie as his new name and became best of friends his new family’s other dog, Sahara. Nutzie is now living comfortably in his permanent home and even became best of friends with Sahara.

Source: Sidewalk Specials via YouTube

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