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The thing about dogs is that they can get immediately attached to everyone around them, not only their owners. You would notice them hanging out with the dogs in the neighborhood and playing fetch with the kids in the backyard. This adorable Staffordshire Bull Terrier from Melbourne, Australia, is no exception.

Aeida is relatively new to the neighborhood. She, together with her mom, Nicole Ackehurst, and her family, recently moved to the area. As soon as she got the chance to explore their new home, she immediately made friends with the next-door dog, Cashew.

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The pair immediately hit it off. Between their walks in the park and their guarding duties, Aeida and Cashew would be seen playing together in each other’s backyard. The two were so inseparable that their families decided it was reasonable enough to make a doggy doorway just for both of them.

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This meant that either one could visit the other whenever they feel like. Since the building of the doorway, Aeida became closer and closer to Cashew’s family to the point that she hangs out with Cashew’s human siblings, as well!

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The next-door kids were just as in love with the Staffy as she is with them. She is very gentle with them and protects them just like what Cashew does. But Nicole didn’t realize Aeida’s attachment to the kids until she received a Facebook message one day.

When she opened the chat, she saw that it was their next-door neighbor. The message was a simple photo of their Aeida sitting in the neighbor’s bathtub with the kids! Nicole knew precisely how the pooch hates bathtime, but here she is now, braving the bath just to be with her favorite playmates.

Since the event, Aeida would always head to the neighbor’s house during the kids’ bathtime. She never failed to miss spending more time with the kids and Cashew, too.

The families have no hesitations about the setup at all. After all, who wouldn’t want an adorable dog hanging out with you every day? Just look at her seemingly innocent face here.

Courtesy of aeida.thestaffy

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