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Most weddings happen once in a lifetime, and so for most people, it’s an extremely special occasion. For couple Matheus and Maria, their marriage was everything they ever wanted. Before their big day, the couple had everything in place. The venue was gorgeous, the food was exceptional, and the décor was brilliantly made. Dog Shows Extreme Fondness Towards a Garden Hose

You know what they say, that no matter how you well you plan for events, some things could unexpectedly happen. And when the big day came for Matheus and Maria, things began to happen unexpectedly. Although the couple initially planned for an outdoor wedding in San Paulo, Brazil, the organizers weren’t able to push it through. A storm was expected – so they had to make changes to the original plan. So, instead of a gorgeous outdoor wedding out in the sun, they had to put up a tent.  How to Brush and Bathe Your Dog

Nonetheless, despite the gloomy weather and the wet environment during the wedding, everything was still perfect. But another thing happened as the ceremony was progressing. A stray dog, who had been wet from the rain, suddenly barged in the tent to seek for shelter. The kind guests took the dog away, but the dog persisted anyway.

When the bridal chorus began, the dog entered the scene once again. This time the canine made an even more daring move. Just right behind the bride, the dog stood for a while and began to settle on the bride’s veil to sleep. Since it was already raining heavily that day, the guests and the bride just let the poor dog rest on the veil. It wasn’t a big deal for Maria, the bride, because she loves animals, especially dogs.  How to Take Care of a Dog

A week after the celebration, the couple tried to locate the very same dog who crashed their wedding. When they finally found him, the couple decided to adopt him. Sure enough, the dog found an instant family with the newlywed couple, Matheus and Maria.

Source Top30 TV via Youtube

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