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Howard Holloman loves dogs and wants to give a better life to pups that need help. One day, he visited a local shelter and saw a lot of adorable adoptable puppies. Almost all of the puppies are very energetic. They obviously would love to get adopted, except for one.

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This certain puppy was timid, hid in the corner, and seemed just to have given up on life. It caught Holloman’s attention. It was Noodles. It is safe to say that Noodles was terrified. She was abused before her rescue. She has no trust for humans. She certainly does not trust Holloman. Holloman made up his mind and chose Noodles. He knows she needs him. Right then and there, He vowed to do everything to make Noodles’ life better.

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Holloman has another dog, Weezie. He was also rescued from being abused. Weezie got over his fear with the help of Holloman and is now a very loving and loyal dog. He was introduced to Noodles when she reached her new forever home.

Over time, Noodles bonded with Weezie and got comfortable with him. Not long, Noodles was seen having fun and playing with her brother. But she was still scared of humans. Both dogs have the same experience, though Noodles is more fearful. Holloman did not give on her. He continued to care for her so that she will trust him, too.

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Holloman started to approach Noodles slowly with pieces of food. He thought that, in this way, he might gain her trust. At first, she refused and eventually was convinced to take the food. That started their bond. Holloman finally saw progress in Noodles’ case. Loud noises still scare her, but she is getting better. She would now let Holloman pet her. Finally, little by little, Noodles got comfortable with her new home.

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Dogs should not live in sadness and fear. They deserve to live a happy life. These loving creatures should not experience a lonely life inside the shelter. Watch the video below:

Video source: Howard Holloman via YouTube

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