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This is Minnie, a dog who had been abandoned by her former master and was found by the Howl Of A Dog rescue team roaming the road and looking for someone to go home with. Her body seemed to be well proportioned, and she hadn’t collapsed yet, but that didn’t mean she wasn’t in need or even desperate for something to eat. She wasn’t particularly hostile either, for she was happy to return their gentle touches with her very own brand of affection — in any case, she was simply ready for someone to take her home and take care of her.

At the hospital, however, they were able to take a closer look at her and saw that her skin and fur were infested by fleas and ticks and they were removed one by one. After the de-infestation, she was given a nice, warm bath to wipe out any remaining traces of the parasites that had been living off of her and to help soothe her nerves. Finally, an X-Ray was performed which revealed that she had Endometritis — a condition that could develop into something far worse and that could be fatal if left untreated.

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For her safety, it was decided that Minnie would be spayed, so that they could reduce the risk of developing other illnesses — from Pyrometra in females to Testicular Cancer in males. Now, after months of recuperating with the help of her carers at the Howl Of A dog organization, Minnie was also ready to find her forever home. It’s a little sad that they would still have to leave, and after they had found people that genuinely care about their well-being, too.

But their limited resources could only allow them to look after a specific number of dogs at a time, and if the ones that had healed couldn’t be adopted, neither could organizations like Howl Of A Dog continue saving lives.

Source: Howl Of A Dog via YouTube

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