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This Pit Bull had been homeless for so long that she didn’t have much of a choice when it came to where she was going to give birth to her puppies, and she chose the side of a vacant lot. Fortunately, she wasn’t entirely alone during her homeless days because someone was kind enough to leave food for regularly while the person looked and waited for help. This passerby eventually came across the Hope For Paws organization and decided to give them a call so that they could come and collect the homeless mama dog and her babies.

The START Rescue organization was willing to foster the Pit Bull and her babies, but first, Hope For Paws had to be able to secure her, and of course, Eldad from Hope For Paws was happy to do just that. When he arrived at the address, he could see that there a lot of places to hide in and that the dog could be in any one of those spots. He set up a trap and put food in it to lure the poor thing, and moments later, there she was, sniffing the food and secure inside the cage.

pit bull, mixed breed, brindle

It was at this moment that Eldad noticed she was lactating, which meant that she probably gave birth to some puppies recently, but she didn’t seem to keen on the idea of looking for her babies. The possibility that all of her offspring had died needed to be considered, but then, there was one more trick that Eldad hadn’t tried — he played sounds of puppies crying using his mobile phone. This got the dog’s attention, and she began searching for her puppies.

After they had spotted the young ones, Eldad opted to let the mama dog stay with them for a few minutes first, so that she would be more comfortable in having a person near her babies. From then onward, bringing the family of Pit Bulls to the hospital was only a matter of time.

They named the mama dog Rosie.

Source: Hope For Paws via YouTube

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