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As much as we want to be with our dogs at all times, we have other responsibilities and duties which we need to attend to. Fortunately, our dogs understand our situation and always wait for our return no matter how long it gets. Dogs value the love that we give them, thus, they return such love with loyalty and patience. Also, they try their best to bring happiness and joy in our lives by keeping us company and by staying by our side even during our adventures.

Today, we will learn how a dog tries to keep up with all the activities of its owners. This dog tries his best to keep up with is owner’s adventure and makes sure that he gives his best.

Watch the video below.

In the video, we will witness the beautiful relationship between Oshie and his parents. His mom noticed that Oshie loves his dad so much and he always does things which please his dad. Oshie’s love for his parents encourages him to show patience. In addition, Oshie surprises his dad with adorable routines and let his mom take videos of him to make his dad happy while away in Japan for military duties.

Oshie feels the love of his family as they go together in different adventures. They take Oshie to swimming trips, trekking, mountain climbing and other spectacular adventures which make Oshie know that he is a part of the family.

However, amidst the happiness of they enjoy in the family, Oshie’s parents know that he also needs a puppy friend. So, they adopted a new pup and named it Nimbus. Nimbus’ presence to the family made them a lot closer and made Oshie a responsible brother. Now, Oshie can enjoy the warmth of his human family but also the comfort and familiarity of a dog sister, Nimbus.

Source: YouTube via The Dodo

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