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Casey and John from North Carolina went to Villalobos Rescue Center. They currently have two beautiful beagle-hound mixes. And these two are ready to have another sibling in the family.

Delta and Whiskey are two very playful and energetic dogs. They are very curious and enjoy exploring different things. They also get along well with other dogs.

Casey and John brought the two dogs to the rescue. They want their dogs to choose who their new brother will be. The couple wants to make sure that Delta and Whiskey would get along well with their new sibling.

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Tia, the owner of the rescue, has a pretty good idea and who would fit well in their family. They need to make sure that all three dogs get along well first.

Loki was the dog that Tia thought would be perfect for them. Loki came to the rescue a year ago. He was heavily emaciated, but he was always a happy canine.

He was very friendly and quickly got along with everyone. Loki is just the nicest dog. The three were slowly introduced to each other. The dog’s parents were thrilled to see that they were all getting along.

The family needed to wait as Loki was still being treated for heartworms. Once he is all better, he would be meeting them again.

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After a few weeks, Loki was brought all the way to North Carolina to meet his potential family. Everyone is hoping that the chemistry between the dogs when they first met is still there.

Meeting his future siblings in his future home was very exciting for Loki. He was wagging his tail the whole time. When he finally met them again, everyone was glad to see that all three dogs were still getting along so well. They were already acting like a family before it was official.

Source Animal Planet via YouTube

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