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Two Waste Management employees in Florida became unexpected animal rescuers for a day when they saved a young pit bull who had been dumped in the trash.

Ahriel Jones, Sr. and Daniel Cormier were at the back of a fuel station in Lakewood Ranch, emptying the dumpsters there. They had finished with one and were starting to pick up the other when Cormier saw something move inside from the corner of his eye.

When he took a closer look, Cormier saw the head of a pit bull puppy peeking out of the dumpster. So he called out to his partner Jones and told him not to touch the container as there was an animal in it.

When Jones found out that the pup was still alive, he hopped out of their truck and walked over. The canine was initially scared of the two men, and she had good reason to be.

Someone had first stuffed her in a wire cage before throwing her in the dumpster and then placed some furniture and other pieces of trash over the kennel to cover her up.

Jones thinks it was almost as if the puppy’s former owner were disposing of their old stuff and decided to get rid of the dog, too.

Luckily, the pit bull, who was eventually named Daisy, was able to squeeze her head out of her cage and attract the attention of the men. If she hadn’t, there’s no telling if and when somebody would’ve noticed her.

Jones started talking to Daisy to convince the puppy that they were there to save her, not hurt her. He scratched her chin, and soon, the canine trusted the man enough to let him pet her head.

Daisy is now in the care of Manatee County Animal Services. The pit bull appears healthy despite her ordeal, and she’s currently looking for a loving family. The shelter reports that interested adopters have already contacted them.

Authorities, meanwhile, are searching for the person who dumped Daisy behind the gas station.

Watch Jones and Cormier with Daisy in the video below:

Source: ABC Action News on YouTube

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