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Some people say there’s money in the trash. On George Welcome Center in Hartwell though an employee found more than money. She found a treasure worth saving.

It was a normal day at George Welcome Center when one of their employees walked over a trash bin and noticed a trash bag beside it. Thinking the owner of the trash was just too lazy to put it in the bin, she picked it up to clean it up for them. When she lifts the bag though, she heard little cries from inside it. She opened up the bag immediately and she couldn’t believe what she saw.

In it was a little dog, a Chihuahua to be exact, whose eyes is bulging and was shivering with fear. She couldn’t imagine what kind of person can do something so hideous to an innocent dog, but she knew she needed to help the little one and asked for help in a nearby hospital.

She was named Caroline and was brought to the hospital right away. She was estimated to be one year old and weighs around six pounds. But overall, she was in good health.

Later on, the rescue’s director, Judy Partain, took her home with her. Caroline recovered fast and is now doing good. She was even able to make acquaintances with Judy’s other rescued pets. As per Judy she is energetic, loving, and seemed to be over now with the trauma.

The news about Caroline traveled fast. A lot of people came to visit her and gave donations to ensure she’s fine. On the other hand, the police are now searching for the heartless person who treated her like trash. There were no cameras on the area though so the investigation might take long.

Judy recently shared that Caroline has been adopted. She is now with a caring family, in her forever home and never to be treated like trash again.

Credits to Hart County Animal Rescue


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