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Dogs are very loyal and can get very attached to their humans. Jacqueline Estey though discovered that they don’t just get attached to humans but to their stuffed toy as well.

Jacqueline owns a Cocker Spaniel dog named Habs. Habs is very close to her and usually stays by her side. The only time he is not with her is if he is with his teddy bear.

Habs loves his teddy bear. When Jacqueline is not around, he spends all his time with his stuffed toy. It has been his favorite toy since he joined Jacqueline’s family three years ago.

One day, Jacqueline noticed that the Teddy Bear was a mess. It was dirty and grimy, so she decided to wash. She put the bear inside the washing machine without Habs knowing and went back doing other chores. Later that day, Jacqueline can’t seem to find Habs.

Jacqueline searched the house and found him sitting in front of the dryer. She found the scene adorable and took a video while Habs waits patiently for the dryer to stop. Watching his bear buddy stop spinning and be back by her side.

Later that night, Habs went missing again and when Jacqueline went looking for him, he was found scratching the washing machine and dryer trying to find his buddy again. Jacqueline led him to where his bear is and Habs calmed down and went back to sleep. He must have been dreaming about his buddy and went straight to the dryer to save him. Funny little dog.

Jacqueline posted the video of Habs waiting for the dryer on Twitter and soon enough people are posting photos of their pets waiting for their stuffed toys as well. Turned out Habs was not alone on being patient for their stuffed buddy. They are all adorable, patient and loving as they can be.

Credits to Jacqueline Estey

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